QE II Diamond Jubilee Scholars announced

By Costa Maragos Posted: August 26, 2016 6:00 a.m.

Left to right: Werner Beylefeld (UR International ) with QEII scholars Joshua Gonzales and Derrick Callan and Martha Mathurin (UR International)
Left to right: Werner Beylefeld (UR International ) with QEII scholars Joshua Gonzales and Derrick Callan and Martha Mathurin (UR International) Photo courtesy of UR International

The first recipients of the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship (QEII) have been approved to pursue their graduate studies abroad.

The University of Regina is one of 34 Canadian universities selected to manage projects offering the scholarships. It’s an opportunity for graduate students to study abroad in Commonwealth countries, as well as for senior undergraduate students doing practicums or internships as part of their program.

The $1 million scholarship was made available thanks to $500,000 from Community Foundations of Canada, administered by Universities Canada, and $500,000 from the University of Regina. The Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) is managed through a unique partnership of Universities Canada, the Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF), Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) and Canadian universities. This program is made possible with financial support from the Government of Canada, provincial governments and the private sector.

The first set of scholars awarded the QEII are:

  • Derrick Callan  - Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.
  • Ryan Clark - Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Josh Gonzales - Psychology.
  • Dallas Novakowski - Psychology

The coveted scholarship is valued up to $18,600 per scholar, helping cover tuition, travel, health coverage and other expenses. Let’s  meet the scholars.  

Derrick Callan – Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy 

Callan is now at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. His thesis deals with homelessness using an urban comparison in New Zealand and Canada. Callan, who is originally from Weyburn, earned his social work diploma at the U of R before attaining his Bachelor of Arts Degrees in sociology and psychology at the University of Calgary. He’s worked in the social services field, with homeless individuals, people with addictions and mental health issues.  
Callan is sharing his New Zealand adventure. Visit his blog here. 

As for the opportunity in New Zealand, Callan says: ”The QEII scholarship has allowed me to apply the skills I learned to a real-world issue.”

Ryan Clark – Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

Clark will spend eight months at London Imperial College in the Department of Chemical Engineering. He will explore the role of Carbon Capture and Storage and co-firing as part of his masters thesis. Clark says the research will benefit and support government and policy makers’ decision-making towards more sustainable energy alternatives. Aside from his studies, Clark is an active volunteer in a variety of charitable organizations including Run to end Poverty and Engineers without Borders.

"As a graduate from the Environmental Systems Engineering program at the University of Regina in April 2015, I have always strived not only in my academics, but also in my leadership and volunteer activities,” says Clark, who is working under the supervision of Dr. Dena McMartin. “Through my involvement, I have learned that we all have the power to change the world.”

Dallas Novakowski
Dallas Novakowski

Dallas Novakowski – Psychology

Dallas Novakowski will be going to the University of Essex in the UK for four months. He's a master’s student in the Experimental and Applied Psychology program. Novakowski's research, under the supervision of Dr. Sandeep Mishra, focuses on how feelings of being disadvantaged can lead to risk-taking. Past studies suggest people are more likely to gamble and commit crimes if they are worse off than those they compare themselves to such as family and friends.

“The QEII Diamond Jubilee Scholarship will give me the opportunity to develop my professional network and get exposed to new perspectives in my research area and beyond,” says Novakowski.

Josh Gonzales – Psychology

Josh Gonzales will be at York St. John University in York, UK. Gonzales aims to learn more about leadership from a more collective culture and to gain global competencies to enhance his research in organizational behaviour.   

“These awards give me financial peace of mind and allow me to put my full attention and effort into doing the best research possible,” says Gonzales who is conducting his research under the supervision of Dr. Sandeep Mishra.

Applications are still being accepted for QE II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships. For more information including eligibility criteria please visit here. You are also welcome to contact Janean Hodgson at Janean.Hodgson@uregina.ca.