FLASHBACK: November highlights at the University of Regina

By Dale Johnson Posted: November 22, 2016 11:15 a.m.

In Nov. 1962 U of S President Dr. J.W.T. Spinks (l) and Regina Campus principal Dr. W.A. Riddell showed the public a scale model of the new Regina Campus.
In Nov. 1962 U of S President Dr. J.W.T. Spinks (l) and Regina Campus principal Dr. W.A. Riddell showed the public a scale model of the new Regina Campus. Photo courtesy of the Leader-Post

Among the historical highlights at the University of Regina and its forerunners during the month of November:

1916:  The Leader newspaper has a front-page article about “Regina College’s Progressive Record” and says “The new wing and women’s residence, completed only last March, is a splendid addition to the equipment of the college. Suitably furnished and pervaded by an atmosphere of quite culture, it provides an ideal home for girls and young women, and is not surpassed by any ladies’ college in Canada.”

1924:  An editorial in the Morning Leader says “A great many demands are made upon the pocketbooks of this city in the course of a year, which are all the more noticeable when money is as scarce as it is these days; but money invested in Regina College pays large dividends, as well directly as indirectly through the cultural influence the College exerts on the city and province.”

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The unveiling of Regina Campus was front page news in the Regina Leader-Post in Nov. 1962. Photo courtesy Leader-Post

1962:  The board of governors gives approval for the start of the new Regina Campus, with $6,000,000 for the Classroom Building and the Laboratory Building. The Leader-Post reports “The academic complex will be located in the northwest part of the campus nearest the centre of the city and facing Wascana Lake. Buildings in the project just approved will occupy the area presently the site of the Dominion experimental farm buildings.” Regina Campus principal Dr. W. A. Riddell tells the Leader-Post “it is difficult to know what the needs will be a dozen years from now, in spite of the most careful studies.” Construction begins in 1963 and the first classes are held in 1965.

1965:  The first electron microscope in Regina arrives at Regina Campus. It has been imported from Japan and costs $38,000.

1967:  Enrolment figures show there are 3,483 students attending Regina Campus, an increase of 579 from the previous year. The largest faculty is arts and science with 1,588 students; education has 1,297 students; and administration has 243 students.  

1972:  A Leader-Post editorial praises French instruction at Regina Campus for national recognition, saying: “It was chosen as one of only two university establishments in Canada judged by an academic committee to be offering French courses that give adequate recognition to Canadian French as ‘international’ French. The other university to get the committee’s nod was the University of Ottawa, a bilingual school with a long history of involvement with French-Canadian culture.”

1975:  A report by a president’s committee to review the status of women at the University of Regina finds that the average annual salary for the 307 male faculty members is $19,112 while for 49 female faculty members it is $16,067. The report says the difference is not adequately explained by factors such as age, type of contract, type of degree or number of years at the university. The report also finds wage gaps in other employee groups. Among administrative personal, men earn an average of $15,623 compared to $12,129 for women; for union employees, men earn $9,919 while women earn $7,430 annually.

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