Attention new students - sign up now for the UR Guarantee

Posted: August 30, 2017 12:30 p.m.

Tony Tran pictured here at a UR Guarantee event, made the most of his experience with the UR Guarantee Program.
Tony Tran pictured here at a UR Guarantee event, made the most of his experience with the UR Guarantee Program. U of R Photography

The University of Regina is home to a unique program that guarantees students career-related employment after graduation.

Since 2010, the Student Success Centre has been facilitating the UR Guarantee Program. Students with 30 credit hours or less are eligible to register for the program.

“The program really has something for everyone” says Doug O’Brien, Student Engagement Programs Coordinator. “Our advisors provide students support by offering personalized guidance during academic transition to our first year students and will continue that support through to graduation. We aim to provide value to each student during one on one meetings, with support throughout university and helping with a smooth transition after their undergraduate degree is completed.”

The program features written reflections, opportunities to discuss and address challenges in university and customized career support activities.

“The program is tailored to each student and only requires a very small amount of time commitment. Students are busy with classes and other commitments. We want to ensure that all students can participate in the UR Guarantee," says O’Brien.

Tony Tran, a recent U of R grad, had this to say about the UR Guarantee.

“My experience in UR Guarantee was definitely one of the most valuable I gained during my time at the U of R. It allowed me to further my repertoire of life skills through interview prep, different leadership opportunities, and volunteer events. By meeting with a UR Guarantee advisor throughout my undergraduate program, it also helped me keep on track and provided me with a guiding hand throughout my degree to reach my goal. I’ve never regretted going up those stairs in Riddell Centre that one day in first year and asking about this program.” Tran is now following his dream as a student in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.”

Another recent program participant, Irene Lam, shared her thoughts on the program as well.

 “The UR Guarantee is a program that I highly recommend to all U of R students and I feel like it gave me a better chance out in the real world,” says Lam who now works in her chosen field. “My UR Guarantee advisor was able to assist me and work with me to develop a plan for my success. This program enhanced my university experience, through guidance, support, and the opportunity to grow myself.”  

UR Guarantee is coming off its largest new student intake. Over 450 new students are expected to register for the program in the 2017-18 academic year and over 1500 students receive support through the UR Guarantee Program.

Aside from offering customized support to each student, the UR Guarantee program offers many additional programs and activities to assist U of R students.

Programs such as their six-week interactive presentation skills seminar series, networking etiquette sessions, Habitat for Humanity builds, city ghost tour, transferrable skills, volunteer impact and social media seminars are adding value to students’ experience at U of R.  

The program has been featured in The Globe and Mail, and was recently profiled on the CBC’s The National as being an innovative resource for university students. The UR Guarantee is here to help students and provide personalized support while also promoting the excellent services and supports around the campus.

New students are encouraged to sign up now for the UR Guarantee and learn how the program can benefit you.

Students who complete all program requirements and are unable to obtain career related employment within six months of graduation will be eligible for an additional year of undergraduate classes (tuition and course fees). All U of R students can access services through the UR Guarantee.

To sign up for an initial UR Guarantee meeting, please visit here.