Introducing the Really BIG Deal to save students money

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: June 28, 2022 11:00 a.m.

International and domestic students can save thousands with the U of R’s new housing and tuition savings offer.
International and domestic students can save thousands with the U of R’s new housing and tuition savings offer. Photo: U of R Photography

The U of R understands the financial pressures that students face and is pleased to announce the creation of a new housing and tuition savings offer for both international and domestic students who choose to live on campus while they study at the U of R.

The U of R’s Really BIG Deal – a housing and tuition savings offer – is now available to all students who bundle their U of R housing, meal plans, and Campus Store purchases.

Savings bundles feature locked-in tuition and fees, locked-in and discounted housing rates, as well as a variety of other financial benefits for as long as they live in U of R housing.

Students taking a selfie
There are tons of benefits to living on campus, including making new friends! Photo: U of R Photography.

Living on campus fosters a sense of security, community, and belonging for students. It allows for close proximity to classes and access to on-campus supports like the Student Wellness Centre and Recreation Services. It is also a great way for student to transition from living with their families to feeling comfortable living on their own.

“The University of Regina is a wonderful place to receive an affordable, top-quality, post-secondary education,” said Dr. Keshen, University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor. “I have introduced a variety of new initiatives to help remove the financial barriers of attending University; from this new housing and tuition bundle offer that can save thousands of dollars, to students being able to use their credit cards for tuition fees without incurring additional charges, potentially saving students hundreds of dollars. We are committed to setting our students up for academic, career, and life success.”

students having coffee together
You can focus comfortably on your studies knowing that you’re saving thousands on housing and tuition fees. Photo: U of R Photography.

Depending on which U of R housing option is chosen, international students could save up to $21,000 over a four-year period based on the higher tuition rates they pay. Domestic students could save over $18,000 over a four-year period.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Locked-in tuition rates and fees;
  • Locked-in and discounted housing rates;
  • An annual $1,000 meal card;**
  • An annual $500 U of R Campus Store credit;**
  • Locked-in bus pass fees (students will be eligible to opt out of this fee if not applicable) and;
  • Locked-in health and dental plan fees.

** Purchased annually as part of the opt-in requirements to take advantage of the Really BIG Deal savings offer.

The deadline to opt in for Fall 2022 is September 14, 2022 and the deadline to opt in for Winter 2023 is January 17, 2023.

To find out more details about our Really BIG Deal to save money on housing and tuition, visit