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Student Emergency Fund


In a normal year, more than $90,000 in emergency funds are distributed to students in dire need; today – at $300 – the fund is almost empty.
Your gift can help students in desperate need.
Every May, the University’s annual Prairie Kitchen Party has raised these funds for the Student Emergency Fund. This year, the fundraiser was cancelled due to COVID-19.
“So many of our hardworking students  - some of whom hold down not just one, but several part-time jobs – have had their hours cut or no longer have those jobs to go to at all” says Dr. Vianne Timmons, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Regina. “They are struggling to put food on the table, never mind find the funds to continue with their studies.”

We’re asking members of the community to stand together to ensure that our students – many single parents - can focus more on their studies and less on how they will scrape together money for groceries or to cover the rent.

Please give to the Student Emergency Fund today.

Many U of R employees can use their APEA to help support the Student Emergency Fund.

“Such a gift would help ensure that our hardworking students can focus on their studies during these challenging times. Now, more than ever, our world needs their energy and ideas to help shape a brighter future for us all,” says Dr. Timmons. 

Watch a special video from Dr. Timmons.

Students whose lives and finances have been impacted by COVID-19 can apply for the Student Emergency Fund here.