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University of Regina Moves Toward a Smoke-Free Campus

The University of Regina is moving toward a smoke-free campus with a newly-revised smoking policy which came into effect on September 1, 2017.

Under the revised “Smoking on Campus” policy, the University of Regina does not permit smoking or the use of tobacco products in any University owned or leased building, on leased or owned University property, or in University vehicles, or vehicles parked on University leased or owned property. Advertising or the sale of smoking and tobacco products on all University of Regina campuses is also prohibited. Read the Smoking on Campus policy.

“The University of Regina is committed to providing a safe, healthy and clean place for everyone who comes to our campus to study, work, visit, and live,” said Dave Button, Vice-President (Administration).

“We know that exposure to second-hand smoke and the use of tobacco products is a major health hazard. We want to reduce and eventually eliminate this health risk on our campuses. This change is aligned with our values of accountability and well-being, and with our emphasis on sustainability,” said Button. The revised policy will also help curtail the number of discarded cigarette butts, facilitating the University’s goal to provide a clean and beautiful environment on campus for all to enjoy.

As of September 1, smoking is only allowed in three designated smoking areas (DSAs) located near the student residences. View a map showing Designated Smoking Areas (3 MB)PDF icon

“Many students live on campus, and the designated smoking areas will provide them with a safe outdoor smoking space,” said Button. As well, recognizing that tobacco is an integral part of cultural ceremonies and cultural research and requests for guidance, knowledge or knowledge sharing, the policy allows it to be burned on campus in accordance with current University of Regina policy GOV-040-020 Smudging/Pipe Ceremonies.

Faculty, staff and students at the University of Regina are encouraged to access smoking cessation programs through available health benefit programs.

“We recognize that smoking is an addiction and we know this change will be difficult for many in our community. We encourage students, faculty and staff to access the smoking cessation programs available to them,” Button said, noting awareness, respect, peer-to-peer encouragement and support will be the most effective means to create change and move to a smoke-free campus.

Smoking Cessation Information

  • Employees: Contact Human Resources to find out about benefits coverage for smoking cessation programs. Please contact Angela.Rensby@uregina.ca or call 306-585-4167. Additional resources/benefits information can be found on the Sun Life website at www.sunlife.ca/uregina 

  • Students: Contact the University of Regina Students’ Union to find out about coverage for smoking cessation programs. Call 306-586-8811 or visit www.ursu.ca

  • Alliance Health on campus offers a variety of services that can assist with smoking cessation. Call 306-337-2640 or go to www.alliancehealth.ca

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