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Forms To Be Completed After Defense

Student Forms:

  1. Permission to Use Post Graduate Thesis: 
    The student signs two copies of this form. This form grants permission to the University of Regina and its libraries to make the thesis available for inspection and copying.
  2. oURspace Institutional Repository License Agreement: 
    This form is completed by the student, it grants permission to the University to place the student’s thesis in the University of Regina’s repository (oURspace). The student retains copyright of the thesis.
  3. Theses Non Exclusive License: 
    This form is to be completed and signed by the student. The theses non-exclusive license allows Library and Archives Canada to reproduce, publish, distribute and sell the thesis (and other rights too). The student retains copyright of the thesis.
  4. Application for Graduation: 
    This form is given to the student to fill out and submit to FGSR by the deadlines specified in the Calendar. All students must apply to graduate whether they plan to attend the ceremony or not. This form does not need to be submitted immediately following the defense. (Note that the Graduate Date at the top, is the date of convocation, the degree will be conferred at the first meeting of the Executive of Council after the final version of the thesis is submitted).

Additional Form:

  1. Certification of English Standard: 
    This form is included only if the FGSR office has deemed the thesis does not meet an acceptable standard of English and requires revision and verification by a qualified proof-reader.  The Chair is to give the form to the student and the student must submit the completed form with the final corrected version of the thesis.