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Text of Thesis

The organization of the body of the thesis should be discussed with the supervisor.

Length of Thesis

The length of the text portion of the thesis varies between and within disciplines.

  • A thesis is to be succinct and articulate
  • 50-110 pages of text for a Masters thesis
  • 150-300 pages of text for a Doctoral thesis
  • It is recognized that certain research topics may result in shorter or longer theses, but Master’s theses are not to exceed 150 pages. Theses exceeding these limits will be returned for editing unless special permission has been sought and received from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • The number and title of each chapter or section are presented in the same form as given in the Table of Contents sample and are to be centered on the page.
  • Similarly, the number and title of each subdivision are presented as given in the Table of Contents.
  • The number and title of subdivisions are aligned with the main body of the text along the left-hand side of the page. As an example:

CHAPTER 1:  Introduction 
1.1  Nature and scope of the work

  • First page of the chapter or section is number 1,  and the following pages are numbered consecutively.
  • If mathematical equations are numerous, and are referred to frequently in the text, a decimal classification should be adopted for their numbering.
  • The above indicates that this is the fourth equation in Chapter 5.

  • Reference to the work of others within the text may be indicated in various ways. A system acceptable to the academic unit must be adopted and be consistently applied throughout the thesis. It should be a system used by a mainstream journal in the particular discipline.
  • If footnotes or chapter notes are desirable, the supervisor should be consulted regarding their use.