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Interim Health Services

University of Regina: Interim Health Services

Welcome to the Interim Health Services Website! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Regina is offering on-campus non-urgent, non-emergency health services provided by a licensed Nurse Practitioner1 to U of R students and others currently living in campus housing, who may not have access to other primary health services.

Using virtual visits (and onsite visits, if warranted), U of R Interim Health Services staff are able to assist clients living in campus housing with their non-urgent, non-emergency health-care needs. Once a client has submitted two completed online forms, they will be contacted by Maureen Klenk, the U of R’s Clinic Director, to arrange a virtual consultation via Zoom for Health Care to assess their health concerns. If the Clinic Director determines that in-person visit is necessary, she will set a time to follow up with the client.

U of R’s Interim Health Services will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 9:30 a.m. and noon.

To Make an Appointment

  1. To make an appointment, clients are asked to complete and submit via email the Intake Form and the Virtual Consent Form.
  2. After the two online forms are received via email, a U of R Interim Health Services staff member will contact clients with an appointment time and instructions for their Zoom for Health Care appointment with the Clinic Director.
  3. If clients need assistance to complete with form completion, email U of R Interim Health Services at

During hours of operation, clients will hear back from a U of R Interim Health Services staff member within one hour  following receipt of email appointment requests. 

NOTE: If you are experiencing a health emergency or have an urgent health concern, please phone:

  • Healthline 811 or
  • Mobile Crisis Regina at 306-757-0127 or
  • 911

About Nurse Practitioners

1Nurse Practitioners have the authority to:

  • provide a diagnosis
  • prescribe drugs
  • order blood tests and other diagnostic tests
  • refer to specialists as needed

The University of Regina’s Interim Health Services currently offers virtual care. This means that video and audio technologies will be used for client visits rather than asking clients to come into the Interim Health Services office. The use of ZOOM for Health Care will help make discussions with the Clinic Director as easy and safe as possible during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Some health concerns can be addressed with a virtual appointment alone, but in some cases the Clinic Director may, if necessary, ask clients to visit the Interim Health Services office, a hospital or other health-care facility for a physical examination.

Keeping Health Information Safe and Secure

U of R Interim Health Services clients should:

  • Understand that information shared in emails, calls, texts, or through virtual treatment is not as secure as information shared with a health care professional during a private appointment in a health care facility.
  • Use a private computer/device (i.e., not an employer’s or third party’s computer/device), secure accounts and a secure internet connection, when providing personal health care information to U of R Interim Health Services.