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First Year Room Selection FAQs

What is Online Room Selection?

Online room selection, or Choose Your Room, is the oppoutunity to select your fall/winter room, instead of our team assigning you a room. Online room selection is available to students who have completed a Housing Applicationfor fall & winter 2022-23 semesters, prior to June 1st.

If you are eligible, you will be issued a timeslot, so tha you can log into the Housing Portal and choose your room. 

Who is Eligible for Room Selection?

The room selection process is available to:

Students who are new to campus and entering their first year of university. Please note: Room selection is not available to students applying to live at Luther Residence. 

What is a Timeslot? When do I get one?

A timeslot is a given date and time that will be assigned to eligible  UofR Housing applicants. Once your timeslot opens, you can log into the Housing Portal and choose your own room.

NOTE: The sooner you log in once your timeslot opens, the better selection of rooms you will have.

Eligible applicants will receive their timeslot by email in June 2022. Please make sure you check your email and that the Housing Office has your most up-to-date email address. Once your timeslot opens, you will have until Midnight, June 23rd, 2022 to log in and complete your booking.

How are timeslots determined?

Timeslots are generated based on date applied. All timeslots will be scheduled for the week of June 13th.

I have received my timelsot by email. When I try to log in, I can't see any rooms. Why is this?

If you are attempting to log in before the date and specific time that your timeslot opens, you will not be able to access the room selection tool to choose your room. If you are logging in at the correct time/date and are still experiencing difficulties, please email or call us at 306-585-5450 during business hours and we would be happy to assist!

I am too busy to select my room on the timeslot date that was issued to me, what do I do?

Room Selection will remain open until midnight, June 23rd, 2022. If you have been issued a timeslot, you will still be able to log in to choose a room until that date and time; you may just have a more limited selection of rooms to choose from.

At your earliest convenience, please log in to the housing portal and choose a room. If you have not successfully completed online room selection, prior to midnight June 23rd, a room will be manually assigned to you based on the room type preferences you listed in your Fall and Winter 2022-2023 application.

Once I choose a room, can I change my mind?

Once you have selected your room online, there will be a 10 minute countdown ticker that starts on your shopping cart in the room selection online. You will be required to submit a $400 security deposit  in order to confirm the room that you have chosen.

If you change your mind after you have confirmed your room, you will need to email the Housing Office ( and indicate your reason for needing a new timeslot. Housing staff will release the room you had previously chosen and re-open the room selection section. (There is no guarantee that the specific room you would like will still be available. Once you ask for your selected room to be re-released, you must select another room).

Please Note: While we will make every effort to assign you to the room you choose via online room selection, however, Housing Services reserves the right to make room assignment changes if required (in circumstances, such as room consolidation purposes, more appropriate room placement, accessibilty needs, building/room closures, etc.). In the event that your room selection must be modified, Housing Services will honour room type selection wherever possible.

How do I know if my roommate(s) is confirmed and how do I make sure we get the same suite together?

During the application process, you had the option of creating a roommate group and selecting specific roommate requests to add to your group.

There is only one group leader per roommate group and they are the primary person to accept or decline new additions to the group.

If you requested roommates or were invited to join a group in the application process, the person(s) you requested will be emailed asking if they wish to accept or decline the request. If your roommate or the group leader accepts, you are considered to be confirmed roommates/ group member(s) and will be given the same timeslot to apply.

If you made a request and the roommate/group you have chosen declines or forgets to accept the request, you will not be considered confirmed roommates and may receive different timeslots.

 It is very important to make sure that you accept your roommate requests promptly. In order to be considered, roommate confirmations should be accepted in your fall & winter application prior to June 9th. Please log into your application to request or accept a roommate.

If you are having difficulty finding a specific roommate, please make sure they chose to be included in the roommate selection section or you may be unable to request them.

What happens if I confirm my room but then need to cancel?

We understand that your plans change. If you choose to cancel your accommodation after you have confirmed and paid your fees, please note that the following conditions will apply:

For cancellations received by email to the Housing Office prior to July 31st, 2022: your $400 Security Deposit will be refunded.

For cancellations received by email to the Housing Office after July 31st, 2022: your $400 Security Deposit will be forfeited.