Incident Reporting is important to keep our campus community healthy & safe!


Reporting an incident ensures every person involved in, impacted by, and witnessed an unsafe condition receives the necessary support.  This promotes the overall health and safety culture of our campus by driving change, development of policies and procedures, improves learning programs, and strengthens communication. Incident reporting provides an opportunity to understand what happened and how to prevent it from reoccurring under similar circumstances; ultimately reflecting on how to do things better.


An incident report is a methodical process of documenting relevant details of an incident, injury/near-miss, damage to property or equipment, and health and safety concerns while performing any work, study, or activity under the instruction of the University of Regina.

Incident reports are to be completed as soon as reasonably possible after the incident or unsafe act occurred, and no later than 24 hours after the incident.  All incident reports are treated as confidential with details protected, unless there are legal reporting requirements associated with the incident.

If you, or someone who reports to you, is injured while working or learning at the University of Regina, or at an off-campus activities sanctioned by the University, you must;

  • Make sure first aid is administered as needed, and arrange for transportation to a qualified health-care provider.

  • Complete the University of Regina Incident Report.

  • Keep an accurate record of the injury even if no time was lost from work or your studies.


The term incident is defined as an occurence, condition(s), or set of circumstances that resulted in (or could have resulted in) injury, illness, damage to health, catastrophic loss, or fatality.

When an incident is investigated, the priority is to determine the root cause – the single circumstance that made this occurrence happen, in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

The purpose is to find facts to achieve corrective actions, NOT to find fault.

In 2021, members of the campus community submitted 218 incident and near miss reports.
This number represents how many changes were made on campus to ensure a risk is mitigated thereby reducing or eliminating the chance of reoccurrence.

The more incidents or unsafe conditions that are reported, gives us an opportunity to ensure conditions are as safe as possible on campus.

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