In fall 2016, the Reconciliation Action Committee, (formally the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Response Working Group) was struck to develop a University-wide plan for reconciliatory action. This group includes faculty and staff from across several faculties and units. At the time that this group came together, several of the federated colleges and faculties, such as First Nations University of Canada and the Faculty of Education, had already developed formal responses to the TRC. The TRC Response Working Group strives to recognize these important contributions, as well as the conciliatory actions of many other units and individuals at the University, while also providing a platform to lead and support truth and reconciliation throughout our campuses and the many communities with which we collaborate.

Membership of the Reconciliation Action Committee includes:

  • Jérôme Melancon, co-chair, (Department of French and Franchophone Intercultural Studies, La Cité)
  • David Garneau, co-chair (Visual Arts Department, Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance)
  • Audrey Aamodt (Faculty of Education)
  • Brenda Anderson (Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies, Luther College)
  • Reila Bird (Senior Strategic Analyst, First Nations University of Canada)
  • Elizabeth Cooper (Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies)
  • Michelle Coupal (Faculty of Education)
  • Emily Grafton (Department of Politics and International Studies, Faculty of Arts) 
  • Mel Hart (Department of Biology, Faculty of Science)
  • Cassandra Loustel (UR International Student Services & Global Learning Centre)
  • Anna Muddle (Department of Philosophy & Classics, Campion College)
  • Bonnie Rockthunder (First Nations University of Canada)
  • Bettina Schneider (First Nations University of Canada)
  • Paul Simard Smith (Department of Philosophy & Classics, Faculty of Arts)
  • Michelle Stewart (Depeartment of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies, Faculty of Arts)
  • Denise Stilling (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)