Filr FAQ

What happens if two people are editing a file at the same time?

The first person to save the file notices nothing, but the second person will get a warning that the file on the server is newer and give you the option to replace to file with your version, or save under a new filename.  If you ignore the message the file gets a small red X on the icon to show that it's not in sync with the server, and you can select what you want to do in the Filr desktop client later.

What is the difference between an ‘Editor’ and a ‘Contributor’?

- Editor: Users can view and modify individual files that are shared with them, or all files within the folder that is shared with them.


- Contributor: (Applies only when sharing folders) Users can create files in the folder, rename existing files, modify files, move files, and delete files inside the folder. Users cannot perform actions on the folder itself.


If I share a file/folder, then later remove the share, what happens to the copy on the computer of the users I have shared it with?

The file/folder will be removed from the shared users computer automatically.
(Note: There is nothing to prevent the user from making a separate copy of a share.)


Why can’t I share a folder in a Net Folder?

In the current Filr version you can only share files from Net Folders, not complete folders. This prevents someone from accidentally sharing a whole Faculty/Department folder.


If I delete a file from my ‘Home’ folder will it be removed from my I: drive?

Yes, the Home directory in Filr and your I: drive are the same. If you have Filr desktop client installed it will synchronize a local copy of your Home(I: drive) to your computer. This allows for offline access that will be synchronized back to the Home(I:) drive when you have network access again.