Wired Internet Access - Bootp Entry

In order to access the network on the UofR Campus via a wired connection, you may have to register your computer on the network.

There are four scenarios: 

  • If you are a wireless user(student or staff) then your computer just set your device to use the DHCP protocol to obtain a dynamic IP address automatically. No registration is required.
  • If you are in a residence room with a network drop then your computer must be set to DHCP so that it can automatically pick up an IP address. You will get the same address in your residence room as long as you don't shut your computer off for more than 5 days. Note that addresses are only automatically provided in your residence room. See next item to use on main campus.
  • For students to use a computer on a wired drop on the main campus network you must register it through http://uregina.ca/~bootp/
  • If you are staff you must register your network card through your Faculty technician if your faculty has a technician, or through the IT Support Centre. After the card is registered you should configure your computer to use DHCP to obtain its IP address. The DHCP protocol will automatically provide the IP, DNS server, and gateway addresses needed by your computer.