Graphic Design

Document and page layout

  • In-house designers are available to work with customers on a range of documents (viewbooks, magazines, annual reports, newsletters, and marketing material) to ensure projects are properly formatted, colours calibrated, and the page impositioned to be produced cost effectively and finished accurately. 
  • Our current rates are competitive with the commercial industry.
  • We can perform large mail merges and print directly onto letters or memos, eliminating the need to manually print and label documents.

File conversion

  • We have a wide variety of specialized software and filters to view, print or convert files. 
  • We can create or edit PDF files
  • We are able to convert PDF files and hard copy documents into fully editable MS Office documents. Prices vary based on quantity.

Scanning and archiving

  • We are able to produce high-quality scans of documents, photos, journals and reports.
  • We can create an electronic file from hard copy documents.