What We Do...

We work together with you to create vivid, striking photography, in the studio or on location, of your research, artwork, at your event or on your stage.

In addition, with Archives and Special Collections, we maintain a comprehensive visual record of people, places, and activities at the University of Regina dating back to 1969. These archives are available for research, U of R promotion, publication and web development. All photographs are for single use, please click here to view our copyright policy.

UR Imagestock

For your convenience, we have launched a digital image asset bank which will allow you to order your images on line and charge to your department foapal.

We offer a selection of some of our most popular Campus photographs. They are available for purchase online through UR Imagestock. Please click to register for an account.

UR Imagestock User Instructions:


Register for Account, create password at
Once you are approved, you can open and go to our homepage.

Watch tutorials to familiarize with homepage and features.

User Help





Quick Start

You can browse photographs from The University of Regina’s Photography Department’s Archive by subject on the UR Imagestock Homepage or scroll down further to see recently added photographs and some of our favorites.

Search an Image

All images within UR Image Stock now have Keywords! Use the search space at the top of the page to help you find what you need. Example: students outside

To Download an Image

Click on the photograph within a folder. Click on your intended use for the photo. This determines the resolution of the photograph you will receive. If you plan on large size printing, click on original. Advanced downloading options give you the ability to crop and pick your file formats. Be sure to include a description of your intended use and a foapal in the intended use box.

For help, please contact us using the contact button at or by calling 306-585-4473

Feel free to contact us at 306-585-4473 or email for more information regarding a complete list of services and pricing.