Notice to Current and Potential Suppliers and Vendors

Threat Level: High
Threat Type: External Fraudulent Purchase Order Activity
Advisory Date: 07/13/2023


Supply Management Services at The University of Regina wishes to advise potential vendors and suppliers that an active email ordering scam has been identified.  The external party requests, via email, requests for quotation, establishment of credit, or submission of a purchase order.  These requests purport to originate from the University, but are fraudulent and not sent from the University.

Since these requests are not sent from the University to suppliers, but rather from an outside party impersonating the University, it is difficult to prevent this behaviour.  We are working with relevant law enforcement to investigate.

Vendors and suppliers should be aware of the following attributes of the requests.

  • Emails originate from domains which are not the University of Regina official domain.  For example, fraudulent email has been seen from addresses ending in   This is not the same as the University’s standard addresses.
  • The quote requests large quantities of easily resalable items, such as hard drives, memory, toner, medical, or scientific items.
  • The delivery address of products are a non-University of Regina address.  The University does not request delivery to apartments, business complexes, residential addresses, or non-University locations.
  • Fraudulent actors may also use phone communications.  These phone numbers are not University numbers.  Vendors are encouraged to validate phone numbers via the ‘Find a Person’ ( function available on the University website.  Ensure that phone numbers are valid. 




Examples of fraudulent email address domains that have been used are:


The message is designed to look like an official request for quote or purchase order. It may include an authentic logo or University watermark copied from our website or contain some other graphic designed to look legitimate. It may even include a signature that looks legitimate representing one of our management team or buyers. 

If vendors suspect fraud in any ways, please contact the University before responding to the email or filling any order.  The contact details for Supply Management Services are found at: