Targeted Phishing Attempts from ICT Service Desk

Threat Level: Medium
Threat Type: Information Disclosure
Advisory Date: 07/13/2023


An email phishing for your uregina credentials may have contacted you recently, the phishing message appears to be from the IT Team, stating the completion of upgrades to several popular software suites.

An example of the phishing message:

Dear Members,

Please be aware that the IT Team has completed their scheduled maintenance on the SAP application.

The following applications are now available:


· Business Object Reporting

· Runway 18

· Access your pay slips and P60s

· Update your ID photo

Kindly click <phishing link> to upgrade your access

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.



IT Department

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All rights reserved.


The fraudulent email messages, which appear to be coming from legitimate email addresses are directing you to enter your credentials on a non-uregina website.

While our spam filters are typically successful at determining such messages are not legitimate and marking them as spam, care from users must be taken not to follow these phishing links and not to use your credentials on any site that does not contain our exact url.

If you are uncertain that a link is not related to the uregina domain, contact the IT Support Centre for verification.


Affected users have been notified directly.

  1. if you have not acted on this message, please delete the message from your inbox.
  2. If you have clicked on the link contained within the message and you have:
    1. HAVE NOT entered any information on the phishing website, please delete the message from your inbox.
    2. HAVE entered any information on the phishing website, please either:
      1. Contact the IT Support Center to have your password reset
      2. Use the Self-Service form on the website, located at:


Password guidelines:

Need assistance? Contact the IT Support Centre:

In person at ED 137 or Archer Library Main Floor Commons