Safe Computing
We NEVER ask for passwords via email.  If you receive such a request DO NOT RESPOND.  For more info click here.

Login to the web version of Groupwise at

Email Addresses

Faculty and staff email addresses follow the format (e.g. Login with your credentials.

Access Groupwise

Most windows-based computer systems on campus will have Groupwise client software available.

You can download and install the Groupwise software on a personal computer or laptop.

Groupwise mail can be set up to sync to a mobile device, or connect to third party software.

Users of Apple Macintosh systems can setup Groupwise access through the standard MacMail and iCalendar software on Mac OS.

GroupWise Training

The Technology Learning Centre has Quick Reference guides available, and also offers training in using Groupwise.

Please visit the TLC training website to contact them for assistance, view the training schedule, or view Groupwise videos in our Training Manuals section.

Sending Attachments via Groupwise

The file attachment limit when sending from a Groupwise account is 25MB. The file attachment limit when sending from a mobile device via the sync server is 5000KB.

UofR File Upload Service

As an alternative to emailing large files, you can upload files for retrieval by others at
Files will be accessible for 30 days.  Click here File Upload PDF to view the guide with screenshots.

Reducing GroupWise Mailbox Size

Your Mailbox size is determined by University of Regina policy and managed by the GroupWise administrator.  Current quota for Faculty and Staff is set at 5GB per user. Once you are using GroupWise if your Mailbox size exceeds your limit, the ability to send new items is prevented until some items are archived or deleted.
The GroupWise Quota & Archiving Quicksheet PDF has tips on:

Forwarding Your Email

GroupWise users can forward their email to another email address by following instructions in the GroupWise Client User Guide.

  • Beware that forwarded email is more likely to be classified as spam so it is recommended that you disable or reduce the spam filtering level on your remote email if that is an option (it is for email).

Request to retain email upon Retirement

Faculty and staff who are retiring from the U of R can request to retain their Uregina email address by filling out this form:

Retiree Request to Retain Email