Evergreen Program

The Evergreen Program was implemented in order to provide all units of the University with a reasonable number of up to date computers to carry out the administrative duties of that unit and to provide a suitable complement of General Purpose Computer Laboratories for student use. Each year the University provides the Evergreen Program an allotment of funds to acquire new equipment to replace existing deployed equipment and to provide new approved positions and General Purpose Computer Laboratories with equipment.

Information Services administers the Evergreen Program on behalf of the University based on the Person Computer Allocations (Evergreen Program) policy.

As such, Information Services will ensure the following as defined by the policy:

  • All equipment purchased under the Evergreen Program is owned by Information Services.

  • The provision of one new Evergreen computer to a unit for each approved position within that unit.

  • A maximum allowance based on demonstrated need of one additional Evergreen computer for every 10 approved positions or part thereof to address issues such as front windows for service, sessional, term, replacement, dual duty, shared duty, and similar administrative overhead issues experienced by units.

  • The provision of one additional Evergreen computer to a unit for every 10 approved sessional positions within the unit.

  • The replacement of each deployed Evergreen computer on a reasonable frequency taking into account the dollars allotted to the Evergreen Program and the number of evergreen computers deployed. (Currently, Evergreen computers are replaced every 5 years.)

  • The unit to have first right to purchase used Evergreen equipment being replaced within that unit and at a price not to exceed the established salvage price for Evergreen equipment as set by Information Services. (Staff and faculty cannot purchase the used Evergreen equipment for personal use.)

  • Any remaining used Evergreen equipment is to be disposed of in accordance with Supply Management Service’s procedure for Salvage.

  • Subject to the availability of funding, physical space and student demand, a reasonable number of General Purpose Computer Laboratories. (The establishment of any computer laboratory under the Evergreen Program will be at the discretion of Information Services.)

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