Network Storage, Access, Sharing and Backups

Faculty & Staff are provided with personal storage space on U of R servers, and there are several ways the data can be accessed.

Network Drives, Storage and Access

  • Each user has a perrsonal drive I: with 25GB available storage
  • FILR provides an additional 100GB of personal cloud storage
  • Many departments also have shared network space on a designated letter drive such as T:\
  • Files can be accessed a number of ways including Micro Focus OES network login, FILR, Netstorage, Webdrive or Kanaka
  • For additional information on these resources and how to access them please visit the Network Drives and Access page

Sharing Files

  • Files can be shared through FILR, for access by others.

File Upload Service

  • As an alternative to emailing large files, you can upload files for retrieval by others
  • Access file upload services at
  • You will be provided a link that you can copy and paste into an email
  • Files will be accessible for 30 days
  • Click here File Upload PDF to view the guide with screenshots


  • Files stored on the U of R network servers are backed up securely on a daily basis
  • Data is also archived weekly, monthly and yearly
  • It is recommended you store files on a network drive, instead of your local computer drive, to ensure the data is securely stored and backed up