Printing and Print Optimization Program

Printing from University Computer Systems to centrally managed print devices requires installation of Micro Focus OES iPrint, the Papercut client software and the appropriate print drivers.

Full Instructions for Faculty and Staff Printing: iPrint PDF iPrint PDF

Papercut:  The application used by the University to track printing on campus. All printing charges are managed by the Papercut Software. Faculty & Staff will have a drop-down option to choose the appropriate U of R account for the print charges.  Faculty, Staff and Students can access the Papercut web interface to view their current account balance and to upload print jobs.

Webprint: The option to print wirelessly from your laptop, or a computer you are not logged into, and release the print job at a device of your choosing.
Login to the Papercut user interface to use Web Print, view print usage, or redeem a Prepaid Print Credit Card
User login:
The username/password is your usual credentials (same as Micro Focus OES/Email/UR Courses)

Instructions for Web Print:

Installing Printers: The web interface for installing print drivers is at
Papercut windows client software for non-managed/non-Evergreen systems can be found at \\\PCClient

A technical note on installing iprint/papercut for the Macintosh is available.
A technical note on installing iprint/papercut for Linux is available.

Personal Printing: Faculty & Staff may choose to charge their personal account for printing. When printing through Papercut, click 'Personal' above the dropdown menu for charging U of R accounts. Charges are billed to your personal account monthly and can be paid online through UR Self-Service or at Financial Services.

Enable Printing to allow for personal print charges at:

Find me a Printer/Secure Printing: This is the option to print a job that is held until you release it at a device of your choosing. When printing, instead of a printer with a building and room location name, choose "Find Me a Print - Greyscale".

Costs for Printing and Copying: Cost-per-page for printing and copying can be found in the Service Pricing section.

Find an alternate print device: If the device you normally use is out of service, refer to the printer sharing list iPrint PDF where you can login to release a print job elsewhere on campus.

Large print runs, Custom Printing and Design Work

Contact Printing Services for large print jobs, specialty printing, bindery and design:

Login to Printing Services 'Printsmith' online ordering application here: