Salvage Equipment

Salvage Equipment Disposal

The Salvage/Surplus Equipment process is managed by Supply Management Services (SMS). Information on the overall process is available on the SMS website at:

The first step in the salvage of unused or unneeded computer and computer-related equipment is to contact SMS. Their web site has a contact form for this purpose:

SMS will use the information provided to create a Footprints ticket that is sent to IT Salvage.

IT Salvage then collects the computer and computer-related equipment, provides a confirmation of receipt of the equipment, and eventually disposes of it. In the case of computers, any hard disk drives are removed and are sent for destruction by shredding by a third-party. The rest of the computer, and any other computer equipment are removed from campus by a third-party recycler.

For miscellaneous computer equipment that is not barcoded (i.e. it is part of the University's Fixed Asset portfolio), a Footprints ticket sent to IT Salvage will be sufficient to have the miscellaneous computer equipment collected by IT Salvage, and recycled.

At the end of the IT Salvage process, a monthly listing of barcoded equipment dealt with by IT Salvage is sent to SMS, and they remove the asset(s) from the Fixed Assets system.

IT Salvage recommends that faculty or staff who have salvage smartphones or tablets canvass their own units for reuse opportunities. All smartphone or tablets that come to IT Salvage will be sent for destruction by shredding since they have non-removable soldered-in-place memory.

Salvage Equipment Purchases

To purchase salvage equipment from the monthly salvage list, refer to the Supply Management Services salvage process.

For information on Evergreen buyback computers, for purchasing systems within your department being replaced with a new Evergreen system, refer to the Evergreen Computer Buybacks page.

To purchase a surplus computer system removed from service in the Evergreen program, refer to the Surplus Evergreen Computers page.

Purchasing/Buying out APEA equipment upon leaving the University

Faculty and staff who purchased computer(s) or other electronic equipment with APEA funds may choose to purchase the equipment when they leave, at current fair market value. Contact Supply Management Services if you wish to buy out any such equipment. More information, and a link to the required form, are available on the Supply Management Services salvage page, at the buttom under "Computer Systems and Any Other Electronic Devices Deemed for Sale or for Transfer of Ownership".