Service Pricing

Desktop Workstation Support

All non-warranty labour is billed at the following rates:

Supported    Unsupported*
$65/hour     $95/hour

* Supported and Unsupported are defined by Policy OPS-080-015: Supported Hardware, Software and Mobile Devices.

For example if you ask to have a supported printer installed on a supported system the supported rate would be charged. If either the printer or the system were not supported then the un-supported rate would be charged.

Network, Storage and Backup Services

Description Price/unit
Ethernet patch cable, 12ft, 16ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft Call 585-4685
Patch cables beyond 30ft(cat5e wire w/ RJ-45 connectors) $12.50+$.15/ft
Install network drop Per job fee to run wire +$100 per drop if >6 drops. Call 585-4685
Install CATV drop Per job fee to run wire. Call 585-4685
Backup and Storage IS Server - Tier 1 SSD $0.11 per GB/month
Backup and Storage Non-IS Server - Tier 1 SSD $0.27 per GB/month
Backup and Storage - Tier 2 Disk $0.0176 per GB/month for storage
$17.60 per TB/month for storage
$0.0352 per GB/month for storage with replication
$0.060 per GB/month to backup

Note: Special Micro Focus OES pricing is available to University users. Please contact the IT Support Centre for further information.

*Prices are subject to change and only valid for equipment/software purchased for University use

Print Optimization cost per page on Lexmark devices

Charges for Printing, Copying and Scanning to Lexmark devices part of the Print Optimization program are based on a standard cost-per-page that covers all costs including lease, paper, toner, maintenance, service and repair.

Letter (8.5" x 11") and
Legal  (8.5" x 14")

Tabloid (11" x 17")*
*If device has this feature
B/W Single Sided $0.07 $0.14
B/W Double-sided $0.126 (10% discount) $0.252 (10% discount)
Colour Single Sided $0.25 $0.50
Colour Double-sided $0.45 (10% discount) $0.90 (10% discount)
Scanning (per page) $0.00 $0.00

For pricing on Student printing, charged on public devices, please refer to the Student print pricing list.

Virus Removal Service for Student and Staff personal computers and laptops

Basic removal of typical viruses can be done by the IT Support Centre in ED 137.  The cost is a flat fee of $25 which must be charged to a University account or student's account - sorry no cash or cheques. Note that some viruses/trojan horses are almost impossible to remove. In this case re-installation of the system would have to be referred to an authorized computer technician. At this time, our desktop support technical analysts can ony work on university-owned equipment, and are not available for doing work on personal systems.

Audio-Visual Services

For service pricing on AV equipment and services, please refer to the AV Services homepage.

Printing Services and Photography

For service pricing on large print jobs, specialty printing or design services, and Photography services, please refer to the Printing Services homepage.