Software for Faculty and Staff

Common Software Downloads

Some software is available for faculty and staff to download and install on their laptop or home system. 

Go to the downloads page, to access available software for Windows and Mac Operating Systems. This includes Groupwise email/calendar, Sophos antivirus, Webdrive network folder access for Windows, Kanaka network folder access for MacOS, as well as iPrint and Papercut for setting up printing to Lexmark devices on campus.

Microsoft & Adobe Software

Site Licenses for Microsoft and Adobe software are available for purchase through Supply Management Services.  To request a site license, fill out the online request form through Supply Management Services.  They will put through a request to Information Services for installation on your behalf once the purchase is made.

Microsoft Office & PDF Writer Software - Research Site License

Some research funding agencies disallow the purchase common desktop software products using research funds. If you wish to apply for a research site license please contact the IT Support Centre with the following information:

Name of user:
Location of computer:
Barcode of computer:
Operating System:
Product Requested:
Type of Research Grant the original equipment was purchased under (eg: NSERC):
Actual FOAPAL that the computer was purchased on:
Current active grant type:
Current FOAPAL:
Note: There is no charge for the software license(s) nor will this FOAPAL be charged.  This information is needed to complete your request.

SPSS 25 Statistical Software

The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) comprises an integrated series of computer programs which enables users to read data from questionnaire surveys and other sources (e.g. medical and administrative records), to manipulate data in various ways to produce a wide range of statistical analyses or reports, complete with supporting documentation.

SPSS can be installed free of charge, on U of R owned equipment only.

To install for free on your U of R provided computer: Click the Start/Windows icon at lower left corner, scroll down and click "Novell ZenWorks App", then click "SPSS 25".  Note: It will take several minutes to install but does not require an Administrator password. 

If you do not have the option to install SPSS in your Start menu, or if you have any questions about installation, please contact the IT Support Centre.

The University has an SPSS server that can accommodate a limited number of connections.  There is no charge to install the software, however, the software cannot be used if the maximum number of users has been reached.  To ensure access for other users, please exit SPSS when you are finished using the software.

Please note that you must be on campus in order to use our SPSS licensing.  If you require use of SPSS off campus, you can do so by connecting to VPN first. There are also a limited number of commuter licenses available, which do not require VPN connection and can be used independently.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are advanced mapping programs that are used to help solve "Why is it there?" questions. For example: police use GIS to help identify patterns of criminal activity; resource managers use GIS to map environmentally sensitive areas; and retail marketers use GIS to understand the purchasing characteristics of their customers.

If you wish to explore how GIS can work for you, regardless of your area of interest, contact to arrange an appointment to discuss.

The University of Regina has a site licence for ArcGIS.  

University of Regina employees interested in having the ArcGIS software installed on their computer must either initiate a request using the online FootPrints Ticket Form or contact the IT Support Centre for assistance. 

Video tutorials and additional information are available on the ArcGIS website.


NVivo supports qualitative and mixed methods research.  NVivo allows you to collect, organize and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media data, YouTube videos, and web pages.  

The University of Regina has a license permitting unlimited installation of the NVivo software with simultaneous use of the software by 30 users at any one time.  

University of Regina employees interested in having the NVivo software installed on their computer must either initiate a request using the online FootPrints Ticket Form or contact the IT Support Centre for assistance. NVivo is also available for Mac, click to read more about differences between Mac and Windows versions of this product

NVivo is available through remote access. Please submit a FootPrints ticket to have NVivo installed on your personal computer.

For information or assistance using NVivo, please consult the Library Instruction webpage.  Additional information on the suite of NVivo online resources is available on the NVivo website.


Qualtrics is a web-based, research survey software that offers many advanced, but user-friendly features. Qualtrics enables users to do surveys, feedback and polls using a variety of distribution means.

The University of Regina has an institutional license for Qualtrics, and consequently all employees and students of the University of Regina have unlimited use of Qualitrics for teaching, learning and research.

To log into Qualtrics, go to, and log in with your username and password.

Qualtrics is cloud based software.  All data collected under the University of Regina's enterprise license are stored on servers in Ireland.

To find out how Qualtrics can work for you, visit the Qualtrics website. For FAQs and webinars, visit the Qualtrics University website.

Any type of academic research, including grant- or contract-funded projects, can be performed and executed with the Research Suite platform. Research done by the University or by members of the university community for profit or through a non-university business (e.g. a private consulting business) is not included under the current Research Suite license.  Please contact the IT Support Centre to obtain a quote for the use of Research Suite in a for-profit situation, or for login assistance.

Surveys must adhere to the University Surveys Policy and may require approval by the Survey Management Committee before being sent out. Please visit the Conducting Surveys webpage for links to the policy, and the Survey Application Form.

Video tutorials and additional information are available on the Qualtrics website.


Turnitin provides a suite of tools for submitting, grading, and returning papers online, as well as interactive calendars, discussion boards, and more.

Turnitin’s most well-known feature is the “Originality Report.” This feature compares submitted papers against a very large database, which includes:

  1. Databases of electronic books and articles;
  2. Archived web pages; and
  3. Previously-submitted student papers.

This feature is not designed to identify plagiarism automatically. Papers might show high degrees of similarity for a variety of reasons (improperly formatted citations, common phrases or expressions, etc.).  Originality Reports provide detailed information on identified matches.  It is up to the instructor to follow up on areas of concern.

Turnitin’s suite of tools also includes:

  1. Online submission with a time-stamped electronic receipt, and opportunity for students to view fully-graded assignments online;
  2. GradeMark, a tool which allows instructors to quickly provide detailed feedback in a variety of ways (in-paper comments and notes, overall comments, rubrics);
  3. Different assignment formats, including peer reviewed assignments for students;
  4. Discussion boards, calendar with assignment dates automatically populated, and more.

To discuss the uses of Turnitin in an academic setting, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) via email at

How to access Turnitin

The University of Regina has a site license for Turnitin.  As Turnitin is a web based system it is accessible from any computer system with a web browser and Internet connection, including computer labs across campus, and the public computer workstations in the Dr. John Archer Library.

University of Regina employees interested in obtaining access to the Turnitin system must either initiate a request using the online FootPrints Ticket Form or contact the IT Support Centre for assistance.

If you have trouble getting Turnitin to work, please contact IT Support and a member of the TLC training team will contact you to assist.


Grad Students and Instructors can contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for additional information. The Technology Learning Centre in Information Services can also assist with Turn-it-in and UR Courses. They host drop-in sessions on Friday mornings in ED 548 from 8:30 am - 11:30 am.


(software cancelled by VP Research Office as of April 1, 2017)