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Getting Started

A new version of Moodle will be implemented on Friday, August 30th. See the below link for the manual for version 3.6. 

Kaltura Integration


These activity guides have not yet been created for version 3.6. Check back in upcoming weeks for updated guides!

Assignment - Create assignments for students to submit digital assignments. There are also media and Turnitin assignment activities.

Blog - Allow online journals to take place within your course.

Chat - Have real-time discussion over the interent. Good for online office hours, group chats or last-minute exam preparation.

Feedback - Create questions to collect feedback from students.

Questionnaire - Create questions similar to the quiz activity but questionnaires are not graded. Questionnaires can be used to obtain in-class data.

Wiki - Allows students to create and edit pages in a wiki. Students can collaborate or work on individual wikis.

Adding a TA

Tool Guide for Teachers

Other helpful Sources

Attendance - Keep track of student attendance with preset variables or create your own.

Book - Create multi-page resources. Allows for main and sub-chapters.

Choice - Use the choice activity to poll for exam dates, presentation dates or essay topics.

Lesson - Use the lesson activity to deliver lessons and direct students to specific pages depending on answers given.

Survey - Develop a survey based on preset questions.

Workshop - Similar to the assessment module. Create an assignment where students are marked by their peers and markers will also recieve a grades.