Past University Librarians

The title of University Librarian dates from 1975. Previous to that the title Librarian and later Chief Librarian were used. Professor Doxsee acted as honorary Librarian. Until the mid-1920s, however, a system was in place where a different member of faculty assumed responsibilities for the Library each year.

1913-33 Prof. E.R. Doxsee
1933-35 Rowena Cantelon
1935-41 Mary E. Cameron
1941-56 Emma Bell
1956-61 Ruth Cordy
1961-67 Mary E.P. Henderson
1967-84 Sidney (Sid) Harland
1984 Margaret A. Hammond (acting)
1984-90 Ernest W. (Ernie) Ingles
1990 Stan Fielden (acting)
1990-98 William R. (Bill) Maes
1998-99 Dr. William (Bill) Howard (acting)
1999-2003 Robert (Bob) Foley
2003-2006 Dr. William (Bill) Howard
2006-2009 Carol Hixson
2009-2010 Dr. George Maslany (Director)
2010-2015 William Sgrazzutti
2015 Peter Resch (acting)
2015-2016 Colleen Murphy (acting)

Compiled by Mark Vajcner
University Archivist
October 15, 2003; updated May 2016