Ebooks withdrawal from the Canadian Electronic Library alert

The "download" feature has resulted in some concern among the publishers supplying books for the Canadian Electronic Library (three collections: Canadian Publishers Collection, Canadian Public Policy Collection, and Canadian Health Research Collection). They are concerned that because an unlimited number of students can download a given title to personal devices, their print sales may suffer. As a result, some of the Canadian publishers whose titles are in CEL have served notice that they will be withdrawing titles from the subscription service. U of Regina has a subscription access to titles in the Canadian Electronic Library.

The first set of 574 University of Toronto Press titles were withdrawn in February, and the second set of 321 titles from McGill Queens, UBC and Wilfrid Laurier University, were withdrawn on March 20th.

Library Technical Services staff is working on removing records from the catalogue for withdrawn titles. Please contact Barbara.Nelke@uregina.ca with any questions or to report an ebook without access.