New lab/instructional spaces now open

We are pleased to announce that our new state-of-the-art lab/instructional spaces are now available for use. The lab/instructional spaces (LY 107.32 and LY 107.33) are located on the main floor.  Bookings are normally reserved for Library and CTL instruction sessions. For more information contact the Audio Visual/Micromaterials Desk at 585.5102 or email The lab/instructional spaces are open for general student use when then not booked for workshop/instructional purposes.

Below are highlights about the new lab/instructional spaces.

  • Wireless access points installed in each new lab for improved wireless access
  • 80 wireless enabled laptops in each new lab also have data line attached for high speed access.
  • 1 printer for each lab located outside each lab (standard printing access supported by IT Help Desk)
  • 5 Sharp Aquos Televisions in each lab and 1 cabled to each Instructor workstation
  • Wacom& interactive pen display panel on Instructor workstations
  • Dell Instructor workstations with fast processors, 8GB RAM, firewire card, dedicated video cards capable of controlling the Wacom boards and televisions
  • Instructor workstations have standard campus software loaded plus Microsoft OneNote which allows use of the app in external devices such as iPads, iPhones to be used on the workstations
  • Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard for instructor’s use when walking about the lab/instructional spaces
  • Wireless lapel mic and wireless handheld or table top mics
  • Steelcase ergonomic seating at each table
  • HDMI cabling to attach up to 4 laptops to each TV monitor for display of laptop screens on the TVs (similar to Mediascape in the Group Study rooms)
  • Skyfold wall which is usually closed to divide the space into two lab/instructional spaces but can be opened to create one large space.