Dr. John Archer Library Award

The first recipient of the Dr. John Archer Library Award for Best Undergraduate Research Project for 2011-12 is John Mailhot.  He won $1,000 for writing a reflective essay which he clearly articulated utilizing the library's collections and resources for conducting research.  John wrote his reflective essay based upon a research paper that he wrote for a course taken in 2010.   The title of the paper was An Analysis of Pharmaceutical Policy in Canada.   The course was Social Work 469 (Contemporary Social Welfare Policy) A copy of John's reflective library essay and his research paper will be uploaded to oURspace.  More information will be announced in the near future.

The library will make the award available to all undergraduate students in the 2012-13 academic year. 
All faculty are encouraged to have students in their undergraduate courses apply for the award if they receive a minimum of 70% for a graded research project.  Details about the award and a link to the application form from the Student Awards Office will be made on the library's website in the fall semester. For more information, please contact Michael Shires or call 585.5418.