New Library Room Names

The bookable study rooms in the Archer Library now have names as well as numbers! The names for the rooms were chosen to reflect natural features of the Saskatchewan landscape. They include the names of lakes and provincial parks, as well as the new small study rooms on the main floor being named after common trees in the province. We hope they will help you find exactly the room you are looking for when you visit the Archer Library.

Floor Number Description Name
MAIN 107.1 North side study room behind Support Centre desk Pasqua
MAIN 107.14 Study room in AV/Micro area Echo Lake
MAIN 107.24
Study room (media:scape) Elm
MAIN 107.25 Study room Poplar
MAIN 107.26 Study room (media:scape) Aspen
MAIN 107.27 Study room Dogwood
MAIN 107.28 Study room (media:scape) Oak
MAIN 107.29 Study room Cottonwood
MAIN 107.30 Study room (media:scape) Apple
MAIN 107.31 Study room Maple
MAIN 107.32 West side lab/classroom (library) Regina
MAIN 107.33 East side classroom (CTL) Wascana
MAIN 308 Study room Grasslands
MAIN 508 Study room Cypress Hills
MAIN 612 Computer lab/classroom

Look for new signage coming soon, and the new room names on our maps and online room booking forms this fall.