New Books Search Tab Added to Library Catalogue


The look of the online catalogue interface changed on March 27th to include a New Books tab similar to what the old Classic interface had. The New Books feature is an add-on software developed by another Voyager library. It has similar features as the old new books on the Classic Catalogue but works quite differently. After extensive testing and code modification by Information Services staff to prevent the security holes and slow response times created by the add on software, we are now ready to bring the New Books feature into production.

New features include google-like keyword search, search term truncation and search term highlighting. The New Books list will be generated every day. Searches can be done to retrieve new items catalogued in the last week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks. You can search for title keywords or keyword phrases, authors, or the first letters of a call numbers. Call number searches will retrieve not only LC call numbers but other call numbers such as fiction, easybk, CAI (gov docs) or other non-standard LC numbers which are entered by staff.