Library User Services Unit is awarded the President’s Service Excellence Team Award for Innovation


The members of the Library User Services unit were recently honoured with the President’s Service Excellence Team Award for Innovation. This award recognizes, “innovations that improve an educational, administrative or other organizational process through creative approaches” and advance the “reputation of the University of Regina internally, locally, provincially, nationally.”

The award was in recognition of all of the incredible work the User Services staff did over the past year in the planning and preparation of the Library’s new integrated services area. This project saw the merging of two physical service points as well as the merging of two service units. The staff involved made every effort to embrace the significant impact of these changes on their jobs and service responsibilities, including extensive cross-training. They took up every challenge thrown at them, including living through months of renovations that forced them to deliver services from several make shift service points. Throughout it all, they maintained a professional and pleasant face to the public. Service never stopped. The goal of creating something that would ultimately lead to a better service for library users was never lost.

Reference, borrowing and reserve services are now all provided from the new Library Help desk. This provides a more seamless and consistent level of service for library users, and extends full service hours. Library User Services staff have relocated to the Main Floor, making them more accessible to Library users during peak service periods. Members of the User Services Team involved in this project were: Kathy Arnusch, Jason Cawood, Cecilia Gallardo, Rene Gallardo, Jennifer Hall, Doris Hein, Kelly Jackman, Maria Majano-Krueger, Dean Mulhall, Lon Niedermayer, Jim Tait, and Marlys Upton. Also deserving recognition is the team’s leader Susan Wilkinson, Library User Services Manager, whose leadership was key to the success of the merger.