Desktop Delivery for Interlibrary Loan articles


On Monday February 9, the Library's Interlibrary Loan Department will implement a desktop delivery service as the preferred method for articles.  Now when you order an article through Interlibrary Loans you will pick it up online via your email. 

All interlibrary loan correspondence (notifications for the arrival of materials, electronic deliveries, cancellations, recall notices, messages, etc) will now go through your email address.  Please ensure to check this account or have it forwarded to any other email address you may be using.  To avoid emails going to spam please add the following to your contacts list:


How it works:

  • You will receive an email message with a link to the article
  • Most requests will have the subject line: Electronic delivery for Request Number(s): PAT-#
  • The article will be available for download for a predetermined number of days and can vary depending on the lending library
  • If the lending library provides a print copy of the article, this will be left for you to pick up from The Dr. John Archer Library User Services Help Desk, you will receive an email notification for pick up

Please email the Interlibrary Loan staff at  if you have any questions.