GIS Day 2015

Spread the word...please pass this information along to your students!

The Archer Library and Department of Geography and Environmental Studies are teaming up to host the  annual Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day and all faculty, students and staff are invited to attend.

Date: 18 November 2015
Time: 2 - 4 p.m.
Location: Archer Library, LY 610


All faculty, staff and students are invited to submit a poster for display at the event. If you have a poster to submit, you are encouraged to contact as soon as possible, but in any event no later than:

Friday, November 6th  (deadline for poster files that require printing)
Friday, November 13th (deadline for completed posters)

To assist  with creating your posters, Archer Library has PosterGenius software available to borrow at the User Services Help Desk. This software  provides a simple and effective means to build a professional looking poster to portray your research.

If you prefer to create your poster using PowerPoint, our GIS Assistant, Munira Al-Ageili, is available to help. Munira is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-5 at the Map Library (CL316).

The Library will cover printing costs for one poster for students and/or other individuals who don't have an APEA. For faculty and/or staff who would like assistance with printing we can charge to an APEA (approximate cost is $40).

If you have any questions or to submit a poster, please contact

All student submissions will be entered for a special prize draw! Please tell your students!