Treadmills @ URLibrary

Read, study or surf the web while strolling on a treadmill!
The Archer Library has Treadmill Desks!  Two top-of-the-line treadmill desks are available for use - and can be reserved for 40 minute time slots through our electronic booking system (LibCal).  Walk while you read or work on a laptop.  You will need to take your library/student photo ID to the Library Help Desk to obtain the Safety Key.
Laptop or book?
The Archer Library can provide two laptops specifically reserved for the Treadmill Desk users pre-loaded with an Instructional Video. You are welcome to use your own laptop, tablet or other device. If you don't have one, please request one of the Treadmill laptops at time of obtaining the Safety Key.  Plan on reading a book?  The library can provide you with a book stand for the treadmill.  Inquire at the help desk.
You can book your treadmill here:
For more information please see the Library Helpdesk on the main floor of the Dr. John Archer Library building or call 306-585-4133.
The Archer Library would like to thank Karen Fahlman, Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies who generously donated both Treadmill Desks for student users of the Library. Karen also guides us through the video. We would also like to thank Jermain MacKenzie, URSU President for assisting us with the instructional video.

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