Library Elevator Modernization Project

Starting in March 2017 the University will be replacing the two elevators in the Dr. John Archer Library Building. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the Fall 2017 semester.

The University Library is making efforts to ensure that this much needed change causes the least disruption as possible to patrons. Specifically:

  1. Pre-replacement maintenance will be done to one elevator to ensure that it operates reliably during the period when the other elevator is being replaced.
  2. One elevator will be replaced at a time allowing that for the other elevator to still be used by patrons.
  3. Our staff uses one of the elevators to retrieve archival and university records from storage. For parts of the project, records will only be retrieved once a day. This will mean that required documents will have to be requested well in advance. For more information about this please contact Archives at: 306-585-4014
  4. During part of this project, patrons who require the use of the accessibility ("wheelchair") bar by the elevator may not always be able to easily access library floors. If this is the case information will be clearly posted near the elevators and library staff will be on hand to assist patrons needing assistance.

For further information concerning this project please contact the library office at 306-585-4295.