Dr. John Archer Library Award 2019 - Jessica Leeper

The recipient of the Dr. John Archer Library Award for 2019 is Jessica Leeper. Ms. Leeper is a 4th year English Major undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts. Jessica won $1,000 for writing the best reflective essay about how she used the University Library’s resources and services to conduct research and complete an assignment. Her graded assignment (Isabella and the Pot of Basil) was for Dr. Susan Johnston's ENGL 349 Methods in Literary History course in the Fall 2018 Semester. Jessica is the 8th student to have won the award since its inception in 2012.

A private photo-op ceremony was scheduled on April 23 with Ms. Leeper and representatives from the Library, Dept. of English, and Faculty of Arts. Copies of Jessica's reflective library essay, graded assignment, and photos from the award ceremony are in oUrspace https://ourspace.uregina.ca/handle/10294/8314.

The 2020 award will be available to undergraduate students who are enrolled full-time in any discipline at the University of Regina and its federated colleges in 2019-20. The award's online application form will be available through the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office early in the Winter 2020 semester. For more information, please contact Michael Shires or call 585.5418.