Students with Disabilities

The University of Regina Library is committed to providing service to students with disabilities. This includes offering library orientations, providing research assistance, retrieving books and other materials from various campus libraries, and scanning or photocopying of articles from journals, encyclopedias, etc.

Two adapted computers, each with a Kensington Expert track ball mouse and scanner have been set up in the Information Commons of the Dr. John Archer Library. Assistive software services are delivered on these workstations to meet student needs including:

  • Access to large print (Zoomtext)
  • Voice output – screen reader (JAWS)
  • Kurzweil 1000
  • Kurzweil 3000

These computers are modeled on the computers available in the Centre for Student Accessibility's student adaptive technology lab where training in the use of this software is available to students with disabilities.

Please visit the Accessibility in the Dr. John Archer Library LibGuide for additional information.

Further academic assistance for students with disabilities can be provided by the Centre for Student Accessibility.