Connect from Off Campus

Off campus (remote) access to the Library's electronic resources is provided through our proxy server using EZProxy software.  The connection to EZProxy is coded into the regular links to databases and e-journals on the Library's web pages and in the University of Regina Quick Find discovery interface.  Once authenticated, no matter where you are connecting from, your computer appears to vendors as a part of the University of Regina network.

If you are on campus, you will bypass EZProxy and be sent directly to the resource.
If you are off campus, you will see this authentication  page  to login.  Use either your University of Regina network (e-mail) username and password,  or enter your Library barcode number and your last name (as it appears on your University of Regina  photo ID card).
  When you are authenticated as a valid Library client you will be sent to the electronic resource.


1. Why do I need to use EZProxy?

Databases, electronic journals and ebooks subscribed to by the University of Regina are governed by license agreement which restrict access to current University of Regina students, faculty and staff ONLY.

Most online vendors control access by your computer's IP address. Anyone coming from a campus IP address gains access, but users are refused access if they are coming from outside this IP address.

To provide off campus access for University of Regina authorized users, proxy server software EZProxy is used. It performs two primary functions:

  • Authenticates users as University of Regina students, staff or faculty by requiring a login, thus ensuring compliance with vendor restrictions
  • Serves as an on campus intermediary (with a valid IP address) by passing information between off campus users and restricted online resources.
2. What do I have to do to use EZProxy?

EZProxy requires no configuration on the user's part. The connection to EZProxy is coded into the regular links to databases, e-journals and ebooks on the Library's web pages and QuickFind discovery interface. When you click on a link to an online library resource, EZProxy checks whether your computer is on campus or off.

If you are off campus, you will see this page and you will be required to login with your University of Regina credentials. Enter the username and password you use to access other services (such as UR Courses, student WebMail, Novell/Groupwise) or enter your barcode number and last name, as it appears on your University of Regina photo ID card.

3. I'm having problems with article links in E-mail (from off campus)

Q. When off-campus, clicking on an article link in an e-mail that I sent to myself from an article citation database sends me to a page where they ask for username and password information? What do I need to do to get the article?

A. You are attempting to link to a paid database resource, but you are not going through our proxy server. Therefore, you are not being granted access to the requested resource.

Add this url
IN FRONT OF any URL that needs authentication in the location bar at the very top of the browser (where you type in an internet address)

Follow these steps:

  1. cut and paste the article link into the location bar
  2. paste the EZProxy url in front of it with NO SPACES in between the two urls (
  3. hit return (or enter)on the keyboard.
  4. url in your e-mail:
  5. url to connect from off campus should look like this:
4. I never see the page where I am supposed to authenticate

If you don't see this page ("Log in Required to Access Library Licensed Materials"), then the problem is either:

a) You didn't use a link to the database that routed you through our proxy server. This could happen if you bookmark a database or if you're not using a URL that begins with this stem:

Connect to your database through our Databases listing

b) Your computer is behind a firewall. If you just get a blank page that eventually times-out with a "destination unreachable" message, you're probably the victim of a firewall on your local network. Many corporate or government systems use a firewall for security purposes. You may need to ask your network administrators if they can reconfigure your network to allow access to EZProxy.

5. I got an EZProxy Hostname error. What do I do?

You will get an EZProxy Hostname Error page when you attempt to access content on a computer host that has not yet been set up for use by EZProxy.
Example of an error message:
To allow /login?url= to work, your EZProxy administrator must first authorize this within the EZProxy.cfg file. Within this database's section of the file, the following line must be added:

Database vendors often change domain names, or pull content from new computer hosts without ever informing libraries. Thus, when a hostname error occurs, EZProxy's configuration must be updated to include the new host for proxying.

To expedite correction of this error, please note:

  • the name of the resource you were trying to access
  • the computer hostname line listed on the error page
  • and report it to or Barbara Nelke, (306) 585-5099
6. How long will I be connected to EZProxy?

In principle, as long as you do not exit from your browser you should stay authenticated, but experience has shown that EZProxy authentication can be disrupted for a variety of reasons, so you may have to login more than once during your online session.

Most of the Library's databases and electronic journals have time-out periods set, so when the default inactivity threshold has been reached, you will be disconnected - but probably still authenticated. A few sites provide prompts when disconnection is imminent. Clicking somewhere on the site from time-to-time will extend your session. A time-out can occur when reading a lengthy document on-line without any keyboard activity.

University of Regina Quick Find  sessions will be timed out after three  minutes of inactivity.  You will get an alert before the timeout that allows you to keep the session active if you click on it.

7. My username and password don't work when I login to EZProxy

The EZProxy only allows access to valid usernames (i.e you are a current student, faculty or staff). Alternatively, you can login using your library barcode/last name from your UofR photo ID. If library access is still not working please contact the Library Help Desk (306-585-4133); outside of opening hours please complete the feedback form.

8. My library barcode and last name don’t work when I login to EZProxy

The EZProxy only allows access to valid library users (i.e you are Alumni, Emeritus Faculty). If library access is not working please contact the Library Help Desk (306-585-4133); outside of opening hours please complete the feedback form.

9. I'm having problems with connecting using Mac computer

If you are getting the following type of message "Too many redirects occurred trying to open ""
This message is generated by MAC users while using the SAFARI browser with the off-campus login. MAC users cannot use Safari with the off-campus login. Firefox or Internet Explorer must be used.