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U of R Mental Health Strategy

The University of Regina recognizes that the mental wellness of our students, faculty and staff is crucial in supporting their academic and career success, achieving our academic mission, and our commitment to our communities.

We remain committed to the importance of promoting the mental health and wellness of U of R students, faculty, and staff!

You can browse the areas of focus below.

Mental Health Strategy: Areas of Focus

Supportive and Inclusive Campus Culture

Well-being Initiative Development

  • The development of mental well-being initiatives for students, faculty and staff will be guided by inclusive and supportive languages and practices

Wellness in Physical Spaces

  • A review of physical spaces at the university will identify opportunities to enhance spaces to promote mental and physical wellness
  • New campus spaces will encourage informal and formal social connections

Accessible Wellness Support

  • Mental health support for students will be provided in an accessible way through multiple distribution methods, including printed and online material

Mental Health Awareness and Wellness Promotion

Learning to Help Others

  • Improve access and opportunity for mental health training for faculty and staff
  • Increase the number of wellness workshop opportunities for students, faculty and staff

Listening to Help Others

  • The University of Regina is committed to a holistic approach to wellness, to acknowledge that wellness is made up of many factors
  • Implement an ongoing feedback mechanism to continuously improve mental health programs and services

Life Skills and Resilience Development

Building Personal Resilience

  • Create accessible programs that focus on building personal resilience, academic success and professional achievement
  • Encourage participation in health and wellness events and activities in and around campus

Support During Critical Times

  • Increase support channels during critical times in each semester

Organizational Structure: Planning, Policies and Procedures

Inclusivity and Best Practices

  • Embed organizational policies and procedures with an inclusivity lens
  • Develop policies, processes and procedures that align with mental health and well-being best practices at other post-secondary institutions

Policies and Procedures

  • Develop and utilize a mental health framework when writing new, or reviewing existing, policies and procedures

Accessible Mental Health Services and Supports

Mental Health Resources

  • Promote online mental health and wellness services for students, faculty and staff
  • Develop a 24/7 mental health resource for students

Knowledge and Data

  • Increase inter-cultural knowledge in mental health promotion and service delivery
  • Develop online analytics package, including objectives and key performance indicators to support the mental health services and support websites

Responsiveness and Crisis Management

Supporting Students

  • Develop protocols for communications and decision-making to support individuals with serious ongoing mental health issues
  • Review the campus environment to reduce access to means of self-harm or suicide