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Saskatchewan Health Authority

Saskatchewan Health Authority’s (SHA) greatest priority and commitment is ensuring the safety of its patients, residents, employees and physicians across the province. Patient, employee and physician safety are not mutually exclusive; good working conditions help prevent patients and providers from experiencing physical, emotional or psychological harm.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is the largest organization in Saskatchewan, employing over 40,000 employees and physicians responsible fo​r the delivery of high quality and timely health care for the entire province.

We are driven by the commitment to improve frontline patient care for Saskatchewan people, and we are working together to better coordinate health services across the province to ensure patients receive high quality, timely health care, wherever they live in Saskatchewan.

website (Regina
                                                            SHA website (Saskatoon)

Canadian Mental Health Association - Saskatchewan Division

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatchewan Division – CMHA SK – is one of the oldest and largest community-based human services organizations in Saskatchewan. We are proud to be part of CMHA National, connecting us with branches all across Canada.

Our purpose is to:

  • fight to reduce the stigma of mental illness through public education
  • provide educational opportunities to help the public understand mental health issues
  • provide services to schools, communities and individuals promoting Mental Health for everyone
  • advocate for consumers of mental health services

CMHA Branches offer social and vocational programs to people with mental illness, unlocking the door to a better quality of life. We depend on volunteers to provide leadership and guidance in all areas of the association.

Canadian Mental Health Assoc. website (Sask)

Family Services Regina

At Family Service Regina, we work with seniors, adults, children, and pregnant and parenting teens to help strengthen individuals, and families to create a safe, inclusive and vibrant community in which all people are resilient, confident, and filled with hope.

Family Service Regina website

Regina Immigrant Women's Centre


Mission Statement

We provide opportunities, programs and services for immigrant and refugee WOMEN and their families to facilitate and support their smooth integration into our local communities.

Vision Statement

We aspire to empower, support and champion opportunities for immigrant and refugee WOMEN and their families through a nationally recognized suite of community centered and integrated services.


At Regina Immigrant Women Centre, we value:

  • Inclusion of immigrant and refugee women and their families
  • Empowerment of immigrant and refugee women to build confidence, community networks, and work-related skills and knowledge, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Equality by advocating equal rights and access to health, housing, and employment opportunities for immigrant and refugee women and their families.
  • Diversity and rich diverse cultural perspectives and experiences
  • Transparency & Accountability with stakeholders through open and transparent communication.
  • Collaboration with individuals, groups and organizations to advance the promotion of and support for immigrant and refugee women and their families.

Regina Immigrant Women's Centre website


Canadian Mental Health Association introduces BounceBack®. National  expansion supported with funds from Bell Let's Talk

The Canadian Mental Health Association’s BounceBack© program is offered free to residents of most provinces, including Saskatchewan. BounceBack is a guided self-help program effective in helping adults and youth manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry.

Through telephone coaching and a selection of skill-building workbooks to choose from, participants can customize their own program, learn ways to overcome their symptoms and improve their mental well-being now and in the future.

For more information, click here

BounceBack© counselling with a Mental health coach [and workbooks] click here

Wellness Together Canada

Wellness Together Canada was created, with funding from the Government of Canada, in response to an unprecedented rise in mental health and substance use concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are facing challenges such as social isolation, financial insecurity, and substance use concerns at a scale we have not seen before. Wellness Together Canada believes that wellness is a journey not a destination and each of us can take steps toward our own well-being.

Wellness Together Canada is here to support you on that journey by providing free mental health and substance use support and is completely confidential.  This service is available 24/7 and allows you to keep track of your wellness journey by creating an account. 
You can set up your account here.

Wellness Canada

Access live free counselling with a trained crisis responder:

all:  1-866-585-0445 (Adults) or 1-888-668-6810 (Youth)

TEXT (SMS).  TEXT WELLNESS to 741741 (Adults) or 686868 (Youth)

Addiction Services

Addiction Services provides a wide range of community-based programs for people with addictions.

Some programs are speciically for people dependent on alcohol or drugs, and include support, education and counselling for their family members.  These programs range from individual or group education and treatment, to harm reduction approaches, such as methadone.  Other programs provide treatment for individuals with pathological gambling problems, or provide education and support to their families and friends.  Community development, prevent, promotion and educational programs are also available for members of the public or other professsionals in human service areas.

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H.O.P.E Learning Centre - Saskatchewan

The H.O.P.E Learning Centre provides free wellness development seminars to aid in your mental health journey. A Recovery College is a place of self-discovery where people come together to gain knowledge, learn new skills, and explore new roles for themselves in a supportive environment. Here a “student” is not a passive recipient of information or advice; they are actively engaged, valued and empowered within a culture of mutual respect. A Recovery College is a learning environment where people with lived experience are equal partners in developing and delivering learning opportunities that open the door to new aspirations and personal growth.

Recovery Colleges offer a new way to support recovery and can be transforming for both the individual and organizations. Within the Recovery College model, there is a focus on bringing together the expertise of both professionals and people with lived experience in a process of co-production, co-delivery and co-learning.
The virtual course catalogue (including lunch bites and free course offerings can be found here.