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Homewood Health & Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Information Sessions

The University of Regina and Homewood Health would like to invite you to a series of biweekly orientation sessions designed to help you better understand the EFAP benefit as part of your benefit package. Each virtual information session covers many of the services provided by the program (mental health, financial or legal assistance, and life style adjustments), how to access the program, and what to expect when you use EFAP. Each session will be interactive, including Q & A segments for participants to submit any questions throughout the presentation. Sessions are scheduled in advance, and as more sessions become available, participants can register through the same links.

If you are a University of Regina employee who receives these benefits and are looking to better understand EFAP and the many services the program offers or just have a few questions about the program, sign up for the free orientation here.

If you are unable to attend one of the regular sessions, Homewood Health has provided pre-recorded sessions that will provide you with information about the program. The links are provided here.

Whether you need advice, counselling, or other mental wellness treatments, Homewood Health is there to support you.

        "What is important to you is important to them"   


PDF available here

Homeweb Member Services

Homeweb is an innovative online platform that offers members access to personalized health and wellness tools, resources, and support when they want it — anywhere, anytime.

When you or someone you care about needs help, Homewood is here for you. Whether you need advice, counselling or treatment—we are here to lend you a hand and support your recovery.

Many of us, from time to time, encounter personal problems which affect our sense of well being and our ability to function both at work and at home. Often, if help is available early on, these situations can be resolved before they become serious.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is designed to offer confidential, short-term counselling to help employees and their immediate family members overcome personal problems. A wide range of helpful information, online self-help courses, and other wellness services are also available and can be accessed through homeweb.ca.

Any employee who is eligible to receive regular group benefits can use this program. Eligible spouses and dependants of eligible employees may also use the services of the EFAP. Occasionally, exceptions to the eligibility rules will be considered.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program is a 24-hours a day, seven days a week service, which provides assistance to employees and their families. The program offers complete confidentiality, access to a local clinician, and assistance for a wide range of personal problems. Any employee or eligible dependent is able to receive the required professional counselling at no cost.

EFAP offers four unique routes to best serve your specific requirements:

1.  Counselling

Confidential one on one sessions with a qualified service provider at no cost to the employee.
Core counselling expertise includes but is not limited to:
  • marital and family problems
  • work-related stress
  • relationship difficulties
  • separation/divorce/custody
  • financial and legal difficulties
  • alcohol and drug dependency
  • gambling and other addictions
  • eating disorders
  • difficulties with children
  • psychological disorders
  • anger management
  • sexual harassment and abuse
  • bereavement
  • aging parents
  • child/elder care resources
  • retirement planning

2.  Life Smart Coaching

Life Smart Coaching empowers you with the information and support you need to take a comprehensive approach to behaviour change. They make it simple to get started and guide you step-by-step. When you call their Client Services Centre, here’s what you can expect:
  • Homewood Health will ask a few questions to make sure you receive the customized service that will be most helpful,
  • They arrange consultation with a certified coach to begin the process with a readiness questionnaire and objective and goal setting exercises, outlining a self-directed personal plan for success,
  • You also receive online tools and resources that pertain to your desired topic(s).

3.  Online E-Learning Resource - 

You can take charge of your health and well-being with expert online resources including a health risk assessment with access to a comprehensive health library.

Looking for information you can trust? The health and wellness library is a collection of articles and resources written and developed by experts to help you reach your personal and work-life balance goals.

The library provides you with helpful information on a variety of issues including drugs, illnesses, tests and procedures, and general health.

Want to know more about your health? The health risk assessment (HRA) offers a personalized assessment on your health history and lifestyle habits. It also offers readiness to change measures to help you identify your health and wellness barriers.

4.  Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Program

Designed for non-acute cases of depression and/or anxiety, i-Volve provides an alternative, cost effective solution to traditional therapy that is accessible, convenient and confidential and eliminates the need to book appointments.


Online Therapy Unit

The Online Therapy Unit was founded by Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos in 2010 and the research team has received funding from multiple sources since this time including:

Canadian Institutes of Health Research
, Innovative Medicines Canada, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation,and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

Our Services

We offer adults free Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for a number of mental health concerns. Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy involves reviewing educational material online with the support of a therapist or a guide. The approach is found to be effective and is a convenient way to receive care.

For more information, please visit our website here.