Mental Wellness Hub
University of Regina

How to Ask for Help

As a university student, you may sometimes experience mental health concerns or stressful events that interfere with your academic performance and negatively impact your daily activities.  All of us benefit from support during times of struggle.

If you, or someone you know, experiences academic stress, difficult life events, or feelings of anxiety or depression, the University of Regina has numerous student supports to help you learn and grow both IN the classroom and OUT of the classroom.  Seeking out support and help is a smart and courageous thing to do not only for yourself but for those you care about and those who care about YOU! 

The guide below helps direct you to essential University of Regina support options on the Mental Wellness Hub here based on the intensity of your feelings.  Remember, you are not alone!


Rob McCaffrey, Mental Health Advisor
Health, Safety & Wellness
Ph:  306.585.5248   Email: