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Help is available. Browse these resources to get mental health help for yourself or someone you know.

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Self-Care and Resilience

Resilience is the ability to face life’s challenges, cope with change, overcome obstacles, and rebound from setbacks. We are not born resilient — building and maintaining resilience is an ongoing journey requiring dedication, time, and commitment.

When life gets busy and our sense of well-being and balance is affected, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Building self-care into your daily or weekly routine is one of the best ways to improve resilience and prevent burnout.

Create a Self-Care and Resilience Plan

Use the worksheet below to map out how and when to use these self-care practices and resilience building strategies. Identify what you need support with and find people and resources that can support you. Take time to discover these supports now so they will be easier to access when you actually need them.  Put a checkmark next to the items that you think might be helpful and that you are willing to try. Pick some key ones for you – many strategies may look interesting but focus on those you feel you will have time to work on and incorporate them into your daily or weekly routines.

Study Skills

  • Study Skills 
    This document details studying best practices and includes printable study calendars.
  • Studying at Home 
    Helpful hints for students who study from home and who have children in the house.

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