Preceptor Information

The Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network (SAHSN) launched a new preceptor website ( The website was designed to provide training and support to preceptors or supervisors from any health science discipline.
The Preceptor Education and Support in Saskatchewan website features the following:

 E-Tips Training modules for preceptor education:
   o Module 1: Setting the stage
   o Module 2: Support learning in the practice education setting
   o Module 3: Enhance your teaching skills
   o Module 4: Foster clinical reasoning
   o Module 5: Give Feedback
   o Module 6: The evaluation process
   o Module 7: Support the struggling student
   o Module 8: Resolve Conflict

• Information for anyone considering becoming a preceptor. e.g. What is a preceptor, Role of the preceptor, What makes an effective preceptor, Benefits of preceptorship
• Information on how to interact with students. Downloadable PDFs include: Student orientation, Student preparation, Student progress, giving feedback, tips for teaching adults and more…..
• A discussion forum where preceptors can post questions or documents (registration required, password protected)
• Additional resources such as information and links to preceptor manuals, research articles, and other websites with preceptor specific information.
• News and Events regarding preceptorship in Saskatchewan.