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January 2018

Two new nursing programs underway

By Dale Johnson

Posted: November 29, 01:40 Pm


The Faculty of Nursing is offering more choices, with the new After Degree Nursing Program and the graduate Clinical Nurse Specialist program. Photo: U of R Photography

The University of Regina, in collaboration with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, launched two new programs for nursing students this semester.

One is the After Degree Nursing Program, for students who already have a university degree and want to complete a nursing degree in 24 calendar months. There are 18 students enrolled.

“We have had quite a number of students who have completed other degrees prior to entrance into the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) regular program, including some with master’s and PhDs. So, these students won't really be different than the regular SCBScN program – they will just take a slightly revised program and complete the program in 24 months rather than the three, three-and-half or four years in the regular program,” explains Dr. Robin Evans, Associate Professor and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Nursing.

Students can enter with a degree in any discipline, as long as they have earned an average grade of 70%. Some nursing students have degrees in Biology, Chemical Engineering, Kinesiology, Health Studies, Human Justice, and Pharmacy.

“We used our regular SCBScN program as the basis and developed the program from there. Students will take a mixture of year one and two courses in the first two terms; then will follow the regular SCBScN program for year three and four courses,” Evans says.

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February 2018

Five Swift Current RN Graduates Receive Their Pins.

By Iryn Tushabe

Posted: August 17, 02:30 Pm


The first graduates from Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) program in Swift Current were welcomed into the nursing profession through a time-honoured tradition: the Pinning Ceremony.

“It marks a graduate’s passing from student to practicing nurse,” said Dr. Robin Evans, Associate Dean with the University of Regina, Faculty of Nursing. Evans, who has attended similar celebrations in Saskatoon and Regina, added this particular Pinning Ceremony was special because it was the first in Swift Current. 

According to Evans, the history of Pinning Ceremonies dates back to the Crusades of the 12th Century when monks were given Maltese crosses as badges for treating wounded crusaders. Later, Florence Nightingale, considered the founder of modern nursing, also presented medals of excellence to her nursing graduates. The medals have since evolved into pins, and now nurse Pinning Ceremonies are commonplace around the world.

“The graduates were tickled pink,” said Brenda Hackl, a project manager with the Faculty of Nursing, who helped organize the event. “Their families were there: husbands, kids and other family members.”

At the June 2nd ceremony, which took place at Walker Place, five Swift Current graduates — Leeta Brisebois, Kayla Christofferson, Carrie Empey, Ellie Koellmel, and Catherine Reimer — were presented with pins which symbolize honour, courage, dedication and the privilege of being a nurse.

“It was very heartfelt because it was important to celebrate all the work that it took to deliver the program out there in Swift Current,” Hackl said, adding that the community of Swift Current had “supported the program and the students since its inception.”

All five of the pinned nursing graduates have been hired by the Cypress Health Region.

March 2018

Nursing Students in Swift Current Give Back to the Community

By Iryn Tushabe

Posted: August 10, 01:00 Pm


A group of Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) students in Swift Current recently presented the Cypress Health Region with a cheque to help purchase training equipment for the Cypress Regional Hospital in their home town.

“Our instructor on the maternity ward had told us there’s a neonate IV doll that’s great for practicing starting an IV line in infants but she said it wasn’t covered in the budget,” said Shauna Wright, a fourth year RN student in the program. “So we thought we would do a fundraiser and buy this doll as a thank you to the maternity ward staff because they were extra special.”

Organized by eight students, the Paint Nite fundraiser sold out, Shauna said, motivating them to raise a little more money to supplement the IV doll with another piece of equipment — a vein finder for the Med-Surg unit. The device is used to locate a good vein for starting an IV.

“So then we went around telling people in the community what we were doing and they made donations for prizes,” Shauna said. “We ended up raising $1720 in total.”

This was more than enough for the two pieces of training equipment. They decided to donate the balance to mental health, another unit where they’d spend time during their practicum rotation.

The donation was officially presented to the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, a nonprofit responsible for raising money for medical equipment for healthcare facilities throughout Cypress Health Region. Unit managers from Maternity and Med-Surg, as well as a clinical instructor from mental health were invited to the June 28th donation presentation.

The students will probably benefit from the equipment they’ve helped purchase as they all plan on practicing at the Swift Current hospital where they have all been offered jobs upon graduation, Shauna said, adding, “I can’t even imagine studying nursing anywhere else other than here in this wonderful community.”