Credit Hours & FLE Taught

Credit Hours:  a unit of measure representing the equivalent of an hour (50 minutes) of Instruction per week over the entire term. It is applied toward the total number of Credit Hours needed for completing the requirements of a Degree, Diploma, Certificate, or other formal award.

Credit Hours Taught:  the total number of credit hours taught by one or more academic department or faculty, that count toward a university-level credential, over the course of a fiscal year or academic term.

FLE (Full Load Equivalent): converts credit hours taught to "Full Load Equivalent" students. For Undergraduate (UG) courses 1 FLE = 30 credit hours of undergraduate instruction. For Graduate courses, 1 FLE = 15 credit hours of graduate instruction.

Please Note: these reports will be updated with the 2022-23 fiscal year data within the winter 2023 Term


Fiscal Year Credit Hours Reports

2019-20 Total Credit Hours Taught, by Federated College & Faculty, including all CCE Teaching (53 KB) File

2019-20 Annual Credit Hours Breakdown (281 KB) File

2019-20 Annual FLE taught Breakdown (109 KB) File
Excel version for 2019-20 Annual Credit Hours & FLE taught (55 KB) File