How do I make my research Open Access?

There are two different routes for making your research open access (OA): gold and green. The gold route to OA is by publishing your research in an open access journal. The green route is publishing with any publisher who allows you to deposit a copy of your research in open repositories.

Gold Open Access

The best way to locate an appropriate journal to publish in is by looking at the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). DOAJ is a directory of nearly 10,000 Open Access, full-text, and often peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

Green Open Access

The University of Regina has its own repository oURspace, where you can deposit publications, conference papers, projects, etc. You may also want to look for a subject specific repository in the Registry of Open Access Repoistories (ROAR).

Is there a cost to make my research open access?

There is not always a cost in making your research open access, but some gold open access journals or hybrid journals (subscription journal in which some of the articles are open access) may require a fee.


This flowchart (PDF 29 KB) walks you through the decisions involved in determining how best to make your research available open access.