How can I use Open Access in my teaching?

Open Textbooks & Open Educational Resources

This initiative has emerged in response to the high cost of textbooks. Several projects have emerged, in Canada and elsewhere, to promote the development and use of free high-quality textbooks to help students save money. Many of these freely share their textbooks and other education resources online. A few of the better know ones are:

  • Open Education Resources (OER), a LibGuide from the University of Regina,
  • OpenEd, from BCcampus, the Government of British Columbia has provided funding for the development of high-quality textbooks in the most highly-enrolled subject areas in the province.
  • OpenStax College, from Rice University

There is an informal group of faculty on the University of Regina campus who are interested in/investigating open textbooks/education resources. Members are:

Robert Petry, Instructor Campion College
Bettina Welsh, Director of Student Affairs Operations
Michelle van Ginneken, Instructional Designers
Alec Couros, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
Roger Petry, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy & Classics
Harold Weger, Associate Professor and Department Head, Faculty of Science
Karen Clark, Acquisitions Editor, UofR Press
Christina Winter, Copyright Officer [on leave]
Gillian vanderVen, Liaison Librarian